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Being single and looking for love isn't easy.
Tell Him


Skky Carrington was physically, mentally, and spiritually tired of being single. She wanted a man - the right man. Skky didn't want or need a man to complete her life, she wanted a man to enhance it. Sure there were plenty of single men out there but after her encounters with Tenderoni, 48hrs, Rewind, Mr. Busy, E.T., and online dating, Skky was at her wits end with finding the a man. She tried to keep the faith but who knew finding him would be so difficult.

When all hope was lost and gone, Channing entered Skky's life. He showed her how a woman should be treated - with love and affection. There was no doubt in Skky's mind Channing was the one for her. However, she was finding it difficult to transition from single life to being in a relationship. In addition, Skky refuses to tell Channing the one thing he wants to hear. If Skky doesn't change her single ways - She's going to lose the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Skky thinks the grass is greener on the other side.
Tell Him Too


Skky was content with the way her life was playing out. She was promoted to supervisor on her job, moved into a beautiful home in Westchester, and just received the proposal of a life time. Skky wanted to be engaged for at least four years or so before having to think about planning a wedding. Unfortunately, she didn't have that long. Six weeks after thier engagement, Channing's patience was running out waiting for Skky to set a date. When she still refused, Channing gave her thirty days to set one. Once again Skky's fear of commitment was getting in the way along with her feelings for Devaughn who has resurfaced and stirring up old feelings he and Skky once shared. 

While Channing waits for a wedding date, Devaughn waits for his answer to the question: Can we pick up where we left off? Tell Him Too has Skky torn between her past and her future. With a few days left on her ultimatum. Skky makes a decision but will her choice cost her everything?

Loving two men isn't easy. Are you #teamchanning or #teamdevaughn.
Tell Her, Channing's Story

After walking in and hearing his fiancé on stage singing "I'm In Love With Another Man", Channing calls off the engagement and ends his relationship with Skky Carrington. All he wants to do is heal his broken heart and get on with his life. Unfortunately, love has another agenda and refuses to let Channing give up on Skky. Every time he attempts to get back with her something or someone foils his efforts. At the moment, Channing's biggest obstacle is Skky's ex-boyfriend, Devaughn. Devaughn is back and he too refuses to give up on Skky. 

Channing uncovers more of Skky's lies and deceitfulness. He has finally realized it will always be something with Skky and no matter what he does she will never be happy. Devaughn on the other hand is happy because he has an ally who is helping him increase his odds of getting back together with Skky. Everything comes to a head when Skky's past meets her future.

Tell Her, Channing's Story is the third book in the Tell Him Series. Follow Skky and Channing's relationship from the beginning in Tell Him and find out why loving two men can be so difficult in Tell Him Too.  

Four short stories are better than one.

How Many? - Carton respects Shelly as his woman. However, the respect he has for her isn't stopping him from asking Shelly a question that could change or destroy their relationship. ​Facebook - Tim opens a Facebook page. Toya want Tim to close his Facebook page. Tim refuses. The battle begins. ​Twisted Love - Kecia and Jason's relationship is twisted into a knot held by lies and betrayal. Now they are forced to deal with their deception in order to save their relationship. ​Wedding Day - The guests are settled, the bridal party is lined up and the groom is waiting at the altar. Tiffany and Blake's wedding is ready to start but everyone is asking the same question; Where is the bride?

Wedding Day

Blake stood at the altar beaming with excitement as he waited for the the love of his life. He knew Tiffany's dress would be beautiful but just how beautiful was the question. Everything was perfect until the doors opened and there was no bride.

Murder. Death. Jealousy. No one is safe from a scorned lover.
After The Wedding

Blake became a husband and then a widower within minutes of each other. After The Wedding continues with Blake trying to put his life back together. After Tiffany's murder however, it was hard to do, especially when his wife's killer was stalking him. The only thing Blake wanted was to make Sharee pay for what she did to Tiffany. Spending the rest of her life in jail wasn't good enough, he wanted a life for a life. 

At first, Blake thought he was losing his mind but slowly he started putting the pieces together. Once the puzzle was complete he learned Sharee was closer than he thought even though the police department insisted she was long gone. Blake deemed them useless and decided to look for Sharee on his own. Although he knew she was close, Blake was not prepared to deal with the information his investigation turned up. After The Wedding is filled with suspense, action and will have you looking over your own shoulder for Sharee

Lies, murder, revenge and a wedding.
Another Wedding

Another Wedding is the last book in The Wedding Series. In an effort to help ease his pain, Blake starts to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Amber Wesley, whose specialty is helping people cope with the loss of loved ones. After a few sessions Blake and Amber can't deny the attraction they have for one another. As their relationship takes off Blake discovers the killer of his wife and friend is about to be released from the mental institution.

Sharee's first order of business upon release is to finally have her dream wedding. Once again there is a woman in the way of her becoming Mrs. Blake Hollister. After ignoring her "leave Blake alone or else" threats, Sharee decides Amber will receive the same fate as the last women who got in her way. 

Grandparents. Grandchildren. Eternal love.
The Grandparents

A few years ago I started a Facebook page for my grandparents who were ninety-five and ninety-three years old. On their Facebook page titled, The Grandparents, I shared my interactions and the non-filtered things that came out of their mouths. Their fans (yes they have fans) wanted more - A Book

The Grandparents is filled with short stories from family members. These stories reflect on the love and memories my grandparents have given us through the years.