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Another Wedding

Another Wedding


In an effort to help ease his pain, Blake starts to see a psychiatrist, Dr. Amber Wesley, whose specialty is helping people cope with loss of loved ones. After a few sessions Blake and Amber can't deny the attraction they have for one another. As their relationship takes off Blake discovers his wife and friend's killer is about to be released from the mental institution.

Sharee's first order of business upon release is to have her dream wedding however there is a problem. Once again there is a woman in the way of her becoming Mrs. Blake Hollister. After ignoring her "leave Blake alone or else"  threats, Sharee decides Amber will receive the same fate as the last woman who stood between her and the man she loves. Another Wedding is the last book in The Wedding Series. Will Sharee live or die?

The Wedding

The Wedding is a short story from the book Excuses. Same story just a different look. Read about Blake and Tiffany's wedding. This groom and bride to be learn the hard way not every Wedding is a perfect one. 

"My words come to life while making you  part of the story."

"Creating stories one word at a time."


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